What is a Retail Sponsor?

Our local retailer sponsors make it possible to honor veterans in small towns across the U.S. on Memorial Day through the handout of flowers. Invite your community to the store to receive a Complimentary Rose to give to a veteran or place on a headstone during Memorial Day weekend.


By participating in the event you help the Foundation place roses on 150 headstones at Arlington National Cemetery.

Retail Sponsors recieve:

250 roses
250 handouts about Memorial Day
1 large Memorial Day Flowers banner
Flower food sachets
Press Release Template

Marin Huber


SD Advertising/DR Director, Nyberg’s Ace Hardware, Sioux Falls


Our company believes in supporting those who have served, as well as the families who have carried the burden for that service. If we are able to to make one person feel honored or comforted that in itself is worthwhile and great. I am proud that Chrysal USA is part of this program.

Nanci Jenkins


Spice Merchants Ann Arbor


I was blown away by the beauty of the roses when they arrived. The fact you sent many colors made the store an explosion of color and fragrance. The event was a huge success, bringing in new customers but also as a great way for us to give back to the community.