Sacramento Valley National Cemetery


Dixon, California


Formally dedicated on April 22, 2007, Sacramento Valley National Cemetery is the seventh national cemetery built in California. With 561 acres of land, this site is intended to serve the needs of veterans for the next 50 years.



Veterans were honored at Sacramento Valley

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Help honor our Heroes

Let’s take the time to remember those who put their lives on the line so the rest of us could enjoy our freedoms as Americans.


Join together at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery to honor our heroes!


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2019 Lead Sponsors

Cal Flowers

Please consider donating or volunteering so that more interred veterans are honored, recognized, and remembered with a flower.
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Philip Whitmore


About the local event organizer:

I grew up as an Air Force brat born at Travis AFB California. My Father James F. Whitmore, was a career airman who served 20 years active duty, and then retired from Travis. He and our step Mother Nancy moved to Nevada and lived there for about 25 years. His passing is how I came to be involved with The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation (MDFF). My sisters and I interred his ashes at the Sacramento National Cemetery in Dixon Ca. in 2015, the week before Memorial Day.

Since my Sister Nicola Parker has organized the MDFF tribute at Houston National Cemetery. So it was natural that I started the program here at Sacramento. I had never felt so much gratitude as I did helping with that first ceremony.

The following year 2016 I was out at the cemetery just about three weeks from Memorial Day. When I stopped in at the office to ask if the woman’s group had made arrangements to take care the flowers this year, being told that no one had come forward, I ask if I could put something together would they be ok with me setting up on Memorial Day. By Memorial Day we had managed to get 1,500 flowers. I had decided at that time I would do what I could to keep this tribute to our veterans active here in California.

Please consider volunteering and donating so that every veteran at Sacramento National Cemetery is honored and remembered with a flower

Philip J. Whitmore

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The support of our corporate sponsors helped honor over 400,000 fallen heroes in 2018. Thank you!
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