Lancaster Cemetery


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


With its park-like setting, covering over 20 acres, The Lancaster Cemetery is a place of solace and quiet meditation and a lasting memorial to friends, family, and loved ones who have preceded us in death. Lancaster Cemetery is the final resting place for over 1800 veterans.

Our 2019 Goal


Help us honor our Heroes

Let’s take the time to remember those who put their lives on the line so the rest of us could enjoy our freedoms as Americans.


Join together at Lancaster Cemetery to honor our heroes!


#MemDay2019 #BringBackTheMeaning

Help us honor


Veterans this year
Please consider donating or volunteering so that more interred veterans are honored, recognized, and remembered with a flower.
Diane Dombach


About the local event organizer:


Diane Dombach

“Hi, my name is Diane Dombach. I proudly raised two of my favorite people and am blessed with two grandchildren that own my heart. I have worn many hats over the years, including soccer Mom, cheerleading Mom, Doggie Mom and Army Mom. Army Mom was the hardest hat to wear while waiting breathlessly for first my son, and later my son-in-law to return safely from Afghanistan. I have witnessed first-hand the sacrifice and brotherhood of the brave men and women who serve our country, and the families they leave behind. Three years ago I stumbled upon a flower tribute at our local cemetery and asked my son to join me. As I entered the cemetery, the true meaning of Memorial Day, and the scope of the flower tribute brought me to tears. The following year we looked forward to attending the tribute again, only to find out the man in charge had passed away and no one had stepped up to continue the project. So this year, my son and I will step up and carry on the tribute. Will you join us in remembering the ones who sacrificed all for the freedoms we take for granted? Will you take a few minutes before firing up the grill and say “thank you”?
With an ever grateful heart to be doing this with my son and not for my sons,
Diane “

Messages from Our Supporters

Thank you to all of our individual supporters for helping us to remember and honor our heroes.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors

The support of our corporate sponsors helped honor over 400,000 fallen heroes in 2018. Thank you!
There are many ways to help whether you are an individual, community organization, local business or corporation. Contact us to find the best way to help.